Friday, January 27, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Virus Software

Lisa asks…

which is the most powerful anti-virus software in markets today?

For the PC and for business phones like Blackberry.

admin answers:

Personally, I think the best is ESET Nod32. Used it for the past 3-4 months without a problem.
Heres a list of the best of 09

Michael asks…

is antivirus software neccsary for my blackberry curve 8530?

theres this antivirus app called look out. is it worth even having antivirus for smart phones? can my bb really get a virus.

admin answers:

Can it?


Will it?

Highly unlikely

Since reinstalling the BB OS is simple and takes very little time just backup your phone regularly and you have nothing to worry about.

James asks…

My computer just said 'You must restart your computer to apply these changes' but has not told me what changes?

It never told me what changes. I also suspect that I might have downloaded a virus with my blackberry software that I was downloading for my blackberry smartphone. Is it normal for your computer to say this?

admin answers:

Check to see if you have automatic updates for your computer.. Most of the time automatic updates will be in the lower right hand side of the screen on the taskbar. If not then yes you could have a virus.. If you do then try doing this..

1. Get into the Windows 2000 / XP Safe mode, as the computer is booting press and hold your "F8 Key" which should bring up the "Windows advanced Options Menu". Use your arrow keys to move to "Safe Mode w/ Networking" and press your Enter key.

Http:// <----Only if you don't have Windows 2000/XP

2. Http:// <---- Free scan it removes anything harmful on your computer and puts it in quarantine or in other words stops the virus & malware. The scan is a very deep and detailed scan from Microsoft, which is very secure but may take a while.

Ruth asks…

why is my blackberry curve deleting only sms texts from days before but NOT emails?

i just got my red blackberry from tmobile about a little over a month ago and recently ive noticed that it has been deleting my sms/mms texts. all my call logs and everything else is untouched. for example i have texts from yesterday the 1st..but from there back i dont have anything else except emails which are all from myspace/facebook notifications. my text saving option is set to "forever". so i dont know why its deleting my texts for no reason? i DO have a memory card and it barely has anything on it. so that cant be it. ive googled and searched for a few days now and i cant find anything. i also tried doing a software update on and nothing. my sister said hers does the same t hing and she heard it was a virus. should i take it to the tmobile store? pleaseeee help. thank you !

admin answers:

I think that u should call T-Mobile.

Sharon asks…

What program matches this description?

I am interested in purchasing keylogger software that is undetectable and can monitor the activity of my employees while I am away because I fear that their productivity is suffering. It needs to be able to send information to the blackberry mobile phone. My employees and fairly computer savvy and we have anti virus and firewall software installed. I need something that I can install and run without them knowing. I can gain physical access however remote administration is a must. Additionally how hard/ how could they detect this keylogger?

admin answers:

EAM Imonitor:
Realtime Spy:
The software above are professional employee monitoring software. Install an agent program to your staff computers and the software run on stealth mode that they cant detect it.

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