Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Torch 2

Joseph asks…

How much is the 2 year contract for the blackberry torch?

I have found getting pricing info to be difficult on the internet for some reason. I know it is 100 to buy the phone, but how much would a 2 year contract be, including internet access everywhere. This is my first time buying a cell phone so I am new to this.

admin answers:

You are required to have a voice plan and a data plan. The least expensive voice plan is $40/month for 450 rollover minutes. There are two data plans. 200mb for $15/month and 2gb for $25/month. Texting is optional and extra. Your minimum payment would be $55/month plus taxes and fees. There's a $36 activation fee which will be billed on your first bill.

Steven asks…

when is the blackberry torch 2 coming out?

do you know when the bbtorch2 is coming out i was going to buy the blackberry torch but then i heard that a new one is coming out.

admin answers:

Here in England it came out last year in August

Donald asks…

How much is a blackberry torch with a 2-year contract from AT&T?

How much is the contract and how much is the phone with it?

admin answers:

If you buy the phone from AT&T with a new two year contact the Torch is $99.99

Cheapest possible plan:

450 voice minutes with rollover: $39.99

200 MB data (required): $15.00

Messaging 1000: $10.00

$64.99 per month plus taxes and fees

Michael asks…

Is blackberry torch 2 going to come out?

if it is then when. and is blackberry market any good, has it got some good decent free games

admin answers:

The Blackberry Torch 2 hasn't officially been announced yet. You can have a look at the rumoured spec on this website. We use this website at work, (I work in a phone shop). Its pretty reliable.


To be honest, the Blackberry market isn't amazing. But thats because its quite new compared to Apple and Android. Alot of the apps are free, I have a Blackberry 9700 and one of the best apps I've found is Flickster. It lets you view whats on at the cinema, times, etc.Blackberrys are good phones for business use, email etc. Not amazing for apps. You'd probably prefer an iphone or the Samsung Galaxy S for apps.

Jenny asks…

How much is a blackberry torch with a 2-year contract from AT&T cost?

admin answers:

The phone is $99.99

Plans run from $75-$135 per month depending on your needs

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