Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Os 7 Apps

Laura asks…

blackberry bold 9780?

i've been looking on blackberry app world and i've noticed that there is a few apps on there with os 7, i've googled it and i was wondering if it is available to me? ive installed desktop manager and updated my device, but its only gone up to where is os 7? can anyone help me?

admin answers:

OS 7 will installed on the 9900 and 9930 and will not be available for any older models.

William asks…

Mobile App Stores.............?

I'm wondering how many apps each of the following OS's app stores have:
-Windows Phone 7
-Blackberry OS

Round to nearest thousand.

Thank you!

admin answers:

IOS- Over 500 thousand
Android- 250 Thousand
WP7- 10 Thousand or something like that
Blackberry- No idea.

Richard asks…

Is switch to Android from Blackberry a good idea?

Hello everyone.

I have a Blackberry Bold 9700 (T-Mobile). I've been waiting for the OS 6 to be release for the 9700. I can't wait any longer. I'm tired of my Blackberry. There are no apps that I appreciate having on my 9700. It's also isn't fun! No great games or anything. I do NOT want an unlock (jailbreak) iPhone. I'm looking on purchasing my first Android phone.

Please help me with the choice because I'm more of a Apple and RIM person. Not a Droid person. I would like to know which phone is the one for me. Only for T-MOBILE please! I'm a game person. I love to play games on my phone when I have the time. I also take a shit load of notes on my phone when I am in class. I also manage my life calender as well. And the one thing I do most on my phone is TEXT! It must have a QWERTY keyboard please. I would also want a good smoothing touchscreen as well. Thank you!

Oh yeah, what do you all think about the Windows 7 phone? Is that an okay phone to pick up? Also, I heard a core-duo phone is coming out next month. Should I wait for that phone?

Thank you so much for the people who are helping me. I appreciate it a lot. I believe it's time to move on with who I am with. Bye Blackberry!

admin answers:

Hey! I've had black berry bold and storm, they'e great for emails and school Plus work. Droid is cool, has pretty much the same but it does not have much on emails, calendars to sync.
Droid is a lot faster than blackberry phones.
I recently switched droid for iphone wit verizon. I need iphone for face time to communicate with the deaf. Liked the droid alot than blackberry cause of apps and I'm almost done with college -don't need blackberry anymore (windows, emails, calendars -etc).
Yes droid has calendar but it does not do well with me synchronizing calendar.
Not hurt to try the droid! Apps are way more than blackberry - i had few apps that are free from blackberry so droid is a big wow. However, iphone is WOW!

Mandy asks…

I am looking at getting a smartphone, which of the 4 main platforms should i get?

I am thinking about getting my first smartphone in June or July (as i don't have the money yet and wanna see what iPhone 5 has to offer).

Right now I am mostly wondering about operating systems, and I will decide later on which phone.

I like to text, so I would like the SMS app to be pretty good. My current quick messaging phone has a rather bad SMS app where messages take forever to send, you cant go onto something else while it sends, if someone sends something to you while you send your message never finishes sending, etc. Another thing that really bugs me about my current phone is while eI am typing a text to someone, if I receive a text it will pop-up and interrupt my writing. This can be a pain when trying to talk to a few people at once.

So basically I want a platform that has a really good SMS application. I like how the newer blackberry OS handles it, with the convo view, sending in the background, and getting a notification at the bottom (i think) that doesn't interfere with your typing. I understand windows phone 7 is supposed to be pretty good for SMS too.

SMS isn't all I want from my smartphone, I also would like to get apps and browse the internet, use gps and so on. That is one reason I don't really like blackberry is because it doesn't have very many apps and seems to lack some functionality that iPhone and android have.

Windows phone 7 seems cool but I heard that the code behind it isn't good and that it might get slow. I was afraid of this because, after all, its made by Microsoft. Plus since it is new, it doesn't have many apps yet and probably has more bugs then other Smartphone.

I like the iPhone, I don't have one but I have an iPod touch and know people with iPhones. I like how it has lots of apps, good browser, and a lot of features. I don't know if I like how the text messages pop up while you are doing stuff tho, I could see that being a bit annoying if you are trying to play a game or even just write another text. I also like how if you get an iPhone it will probably last for a while as they don't really seem to look as out dated as other phones might after a few years. I don't like how it doesn't have a replaceable battery though, I think that is stupid and a waste of a perfectly good phone when the battery turns bad.

I am not sure about android really, since ive never really used it. I expect it to soon have more apps then the iPhone as it is selling more and it is much easier to get an app on the android market then it is to get one on the app store. I like how you can change the battery and everything, and how you can customize the phone a lot and add cool features. I am worried about it getting slow or having bad battery life though. I also don't like how some phones don't get the most recent updates and how carriers can load it up with adds and crapware. I don't really know much about texting on an android other then you can get special apps for it which probably means I could find one that does texting just the way I want. But again, I don't really know much about android.

Thanks so much in advance for helping e with this, I just wanna know which OS you think I sould get and why.

admin answers:

Definitely get an iPhone.
I have a BlackBerry Torch 9800 and it's really good, and I've had the Bold 9000 and Bold 9700 too.
BlackBerry's are indeed great but really nothing compares to the iPhone. It has so many great apps that BlackBerry's don't. They're just so much better. I really want an iPhone! Get one!

Maria asks…

Blackberry Curve 8310 Batterry Life?

My BB's battery only last around 7-10 minutes and i cant use flash or anything bluetooth is of all apps are off and when i use it it dies and i have to plug it in and charge for it to turn on and when the os starts up it I have all the bars

admin answers:

Odds are is your battery is dead. Depending on how long you've had the phone and how many times your charged it. The batteries just ware out after a lot of charges and they can't seem to hold a charge anymore. Just go to ebay.com and you can pick one up for around $6 plus shipping. Just look at the battery and it will say the serial number and the model on it. Then just search that on ebay and they should come up.

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