Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Tablet Vs Ipad

Linda asks…

iPad 2 vs. Droid Tablet vs. HP Touchpad vs. Blackberry Playbook?

Okay, so, I'm thinking about getting either an iPad 2, a Droid Tablet, a HP Touchpad, or a Blackberry Playbook. But I don't really know much about the tablet, touchpad, or playbook. So if any of you have one or have used more than one of them, tell me which you prefer. Or if you know about any of them maybe do similarities and differences, or Pros and Cons on one of them.

admin answers:

You should youtube it. That's how I end up picking up the motorola xoom.

No regrets.

Lisa asks…

Apple iPad 2 vs. BlackBerry Playbook?

Hi... So I'm really stupid when it comes to computers/laptops/cameras... anything technical like that :P I have had a BlackBerry for 3 months and I am still trying to figure it out :P aha
anyways... I want a Tablet... Im saving up slowly and I have half... my rents said theyd give me $200.00 if I give my sister My old Laptop/Netbook thing..

so my qquestion is which Tablet should I get?
iPad 2 or the playback?

I have an iPod... and I buy ALL of my music/Digital movies from Apple iTurnes

But like I said before I also have a BlackBerry (bold 9780)

so what would you reccomend for me?

here are my questions...

1. which has more space....?
2. which one has better drawing Programs... I know iTunes has a great one that I used on my uncles Ipad...
3. My basic needs are Y!A, Facebook, eMails, Sketching and other arts (like Uploading photos to it and stuff...) Also I will be using it to watch online TV and Movies :P like from megavideo and vidx and stuff... Other thent hat just picture storage (maybe like 100 pics at a time?) and thats it :P
Im not really an APP person... I dont use APPs on my BB and I got rid of my iPod Touch because It was too small to hold all of my music/photos and video... on my ipad or playback I will not download music or video to it tthough... But I do want to stream them...

So which one do you think is better for my needs?

Also does the Playback have skype?

BlackBerry Playback

iPad 2

The ipad is soo much more attrative to be honest... thats a definite plus :P

admin answers:

In your situation I would go with the iPad 2 because of the drawing apps and that it has the bigger screen for multimedia playback. Also the GarageBand and iMovie apps seem to be a real plus in this situation. Good luck on your purchase!

Robert asks…

Motorola xoom vs ipad vs blackberry playbook?

I'm wanting to get a tablet pc. I think the motorola is really cool but I dont have verizon. I would like to know If there coming out with a wifi only version. The blackberry seems cool to but it's screen doesn't seem big enough. Now the iPads ok but I think they will announce a new one by the end of January because that's when they announced the first one. If they do it will have cameras and be alot better. I would like to know which one you would get and which you like best?

admin answers:

Defiantly the Blackberry Playbook.
It looks amazing.
Could you take a minute to look at these videos?

Mandy asks…

iPad 2 vs Blackberry Playbook vs Motorola Xoom vs Samsung Galaxy 3G?

Which of these tablets are the best in terms of performance, graphics, gaming, surfing the web and other qualities that are worth mentioning....

admin answers:

Ipad 2!!!!!!!!!!

Richard asks…

Should I get Blackberry Phone or Playbook tablet?

I have about $ 500 extra cash to spend for a gift to myself.
I am using Android Phone of somekind currently.
But I want a blackberry experience.

I don't mind having two phones, one for my work
and my Android for casual use ,
since there are alot of apps that I use for fun + entertainment.

I am deciding wether to get a Blackberry Phone (9700 or Torch )
Upcoming Playbook tablet pc.

What would be the good choice?

I just want to own at least one blackberry product lol

Is tablet PC enough to complement my Xp running Netbook?

PS. No Ipad please

admin answers:

The blackberry playbook will make your netbook running xp look like a piece of sh#t. I'm not trying to offend your netbook, I'm just trying to show you how powerful the playbook is. It has dual core 1 GHz processor with 1 GB of RAM, which combined offers the best multitasking on the market. It has a rear 5mp camera, capable of recording in FULL HD 1080p, and then playing it on a tv with the hdmi port. It has all the access to the blackberry app store as well as the android market place, providing you with more than 225 000 apps. It also has flash 10.1 and html 5 so you get to see the full version of every website, not stripped down mobile versions. What more can I say. I %100 suggest you get yourself a blackberry playbook when it comes out on April 19 (now taking preorder). It is the best tablet on the market. I already pre ordered mines! Hope you get it!

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