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Questions About Blackberry Curve 8330 Review

Helen asks…

What is your opinion/review of the Blackberry Curve 8330?

If you own a blackberry curve 8330: Do you like your purchase? Are you satisfied with this phone/pda? What is your opinion of the phone?

admin answers:

In love with the blackberry series. I had the pear before I got the curve and have to say its great. The internet is speedy, great service, awesome messaging features, and very user friendly. I have to say the only downfall to most of the blackberry phones is the trackball can break and when that happens your shit out of luck for lack of a better term. Good luck and try to go through Verizon.

Joseph asks…


Hi, I have a Blackberry curve and I'm considering getting a silicone case in purple. Do you guys have any reviews on silicone cases ? Also, what brands would you all recamend ? Thankyou so much !

admin answers:

I like the silicone cases better then the plastic cases. Plastic ones I always tend to break some how. Silicone lasts longer.

Robert asks…

What are your review of Verizon's Blackberry Curve 8330?

I am thinking about getting it. How fast is the internet? How about Instant messaging, text messaging, and music player? Camera and video? Is it worth getting the phone any paying $29.99 a month for the blackberry package?

admin answers:

The BlackBerry® Curve 8330 smartphone delivers on the BlackBerry promise with no compromises. BlackBerry push technology is designed to deliver emails to your smartphone as they arrive so you read and respond to them. And its applications work together so you can email a web page to one of your contacts while you're browsing the web, or listen to music as you read and respond to your emails. In addition to the push technology reliability, the Curve also offers VZ Navigator, BroadbandAccess Connect and a 2 megapixel camera with flash. These powerful features round out the total package that the sleek and elegantly–designed Curve offers.

There for its a awesome phone.

Hope this helps.

Betty asks…

BlackBerry® Curve™ 8330 reviews anyone like or dislike this phone?

i need a new phone. i own a small business think a smart phone would help. i am also looking at the pearl. what would you guys recomend?

things that hold me back:

how good is the organizer? i would like it to be the thing that keeps my business organized for my rental business. ( when leases are up, etc.)
it seems a bit big.
lastly the keys seem so small.

overall i need to justify spending the extra money on the phone up front and the extra money per month for email. i have two computers and a lap top already so is the phone going to be redundant?)

any insight would really help me out.

how is it for texting also

admin answers:

I have the red one
and i loooove it. Even just for a student to have all the number and info that it lets you have about each contact is so useful and i get service everywhere
the organizer is really good. It give you an alarm if needed and you can have your appointments for the day on your homne screen
the keys seem small at first but after a day of playing with it its easy peasy lemon squeezy lol
for email. I pay 30 a month for unlimited email and internet you can get al your media on there, music videos and pictures theres GPS and maps i have an spp on there for free 411 and the weather network it has a password keeper which is incredebly useful and there pretty durable. The camera is great. You can email on it theres balck berry email and your regular email and your emails just show up in your inbox as well (where your texts go) its big but theres bigger if your not a fan of big go for the pearl but i've heard that its not that great
i love the size of the curve its really comfortable. Anything else you need to knoe feel free to email me :)

Susan asks…

what do you think about the blackberry curve 8330 for verizon?

i'm getting a new phone next week and i'm determined to get the blackberry curve 8330 for verizon? i've been reading about it online, and so far i've only seen one BAD review on it out of all the ones i've read. i was also playing around with it, and i like it's set up.
if you have this phone, please tell me if it's worth getting. if it's good quality, or bad quality. and its pros and cons, eh?

and if you don't have it, dont answer this haha.

admin answers:

Get it! I have the same one in silver. I love it.

Cons- not long battery life, tends to freeze at points

pros- good appearence, internet....ect. Everything else is good about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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