Saturday, January 28, 2012

Questions About Blackberry World Edition Sprint

Daniel asks…

I had a Sprint Blackberry world edition. Someone stole it, can i find out who took it if it is used?

I don't only want to know who took it very badly, but can it even be used now? I know it was a SIM card phone, i just dont know too much about cell phones. Thankyou!

admin answers:

Ulgh, I had my iPhone stolen. It stinks. If you haven't already, you need to call Sprint and have them deactivate that line so that whoever has it doesn't run up a bunch of charges. You can report it stolen, but from everything I've seen it doesn't do much. The phone can still be used, all they would have to do is trade out the SIM card, which is super easy to do.

Richard asks…

can you flash a sprint blackberry world edition to page-PLUS?

so can you cus page-plus has some good stuff
unlimited text and calls and 20 mb of Internet its better than metro
so can you?

admin answers:

Sprint and Blackberry phones are the most problematic on Page Plus.
Sprint phones can usually get talk/text. Forget mms. Data? Maybe. If you bust your tail.

Blackberries, even Verizon ones do not have Blackberry services support. Technically, no phone that is not a Page Plus official phone is supported, so if you flash one and get it on their system, the tech support is all up to you.

Coverage is on Verizon prepaid network so kills Metro/Cricket.

Thomas asks…

do you have questions about the sprint blackberry pearl or world edition?

i work as a blackberry tech. support agent for sprint and i would be happy to answer ur question about the phone or plan for the sprint blackberry. feel free to ask i'm here to help

admin answers:

I just bought a blakberry pearl yesterday, and i dunno if i want to return it and get the blackberry world instead.

Asides from the keyboard and the camera/not having a camera, what are the differences between the 2 phones?

ALSO... Putting people in the phonebook on the pearl... I was doing it no problem, then i accidentally pushed something and now i can only see two empty groups of PERSONAL and BUSINESS. When i go to options it says how many people i have, but i cant see them. What do i do to get back to the main contacts list?

I figured out the phonebook problem. I had one or the other checked (personal/business). To show all the contacts you cant have any groups checked off.

Donna asks…

how do i unlock my sprint blackberry 8830 world edition so i can use it with att or cingular?

admin answers:

You cant att/cingular use sim cards sprint doesnt. Sorry.

Nancy asks…

Is there anyway to unlock my sprint blackberry?

I have a sprint blackberry that i wanna give to my girl but she has tmobile so i was wondering if there was anyway to unlock my phone... its a world edition sprint blackberry

admin answers:

It's from Sprint?? If so, u can't give it to ur girl since sprint phone don't use sim card.....she can't use it anyway....

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