Sunday, January 8, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Torch 9810 White

Michael asks…

white blackberry torch 9810 or grey..?

which one is better.?
I am girl

admin answers:

White :$

Chris asks…

Which phone should I get?

Samsung Galaxy Ace
Samsung Galaxy S II White
BlackBerry Torch 9810
BlackBerry Torch 9860
Your opinions?
Thank you!

admin answers:

Samsung galaxy ace!
It's really good,iPhones are good too.
Don't get a blackberry,loads of my friends have them and moan Facebook hasn't been working for a week,it takes ages to switch on ,it keeps freezing for about 7 minutes.
My cousin had a blackberry and he dropped it(slipped out his hands)and broke completely not a scratch or a little dent in it,it broke and fell apart.
Then he got a samsung tocco lite when he droped that down some steps(not on purpose)it was fine.
Defo samsung galaxy ace!!!!!

Lizzie asks…

New Phone????? help!?

Hi everyone I want to get a new phone soon and I can't decide whether AT&T iPhone 4 White (not iPhone 4S) or BlackBerry Torch 9810 in white or gray (not 9800)..I like having the psychical keyboard to text and touchscreen but I don't download lot of apps...what phone should I get?
IPhone 4 White or BlackBerry Torch 9810 Gray or White?


admin answers:

It"s got to be blue!

Jenny asks…

Picking a new smartphone?

My options from Rogers are:
Blackberry Torch 9810 Grey or White
HTC Evo 3D
LG Optimus 3D
Xperia Arc
Samsung Galaxy S Infuse 4G?
Which one should I choose?
Torch would have unlimited BBM, and all of them would have unlimited social networking and texting.

admin answers:

There all good phones
you should check all there details and see wich one suits you the best this website should help

David asks…

What color phone should I get?

What color phone should I get?
It's the Blackberry Torch 9810. It's on AT&T's website. I don't know if to get gray or white. I'm a girl.

admin answers:


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