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Questions About Blackberry Verizon 2011

Jenny asks…

Will a New Blackberry (phone) Be Comming to Verizon in 2011?

IS there a new blackberry comming out this year in 2011. A friend of Mine told me yes, is ths true? I want to know becuase Im getting a blackberry in June. Does anyone have a blackberry, do you like it. If so why do you like it and what are the pros and cons of a blackberry? thanks?

admin answers:

The Style 9670, the Storm 3 and the Bold Touch (Montana) are rumored to be released by Verizon this year.

Charles asks…

Is Verizon Wireless going to be coming out with any new blackberry phones in 2011 and what they be?

admin answers:

Check out They have a section for upcoming phones. There are not any dates on the blackberry's listed on there right now

Thomas asks…

When will verizon be getting the iPhone?

They said that of January 2011 Verizon will have the iPhone but, it is January 2011 and theres been no news about it. I've been waiting for such a long time with my old broken phone for this phone and I need to no soon. And does the iPhone have the 30 dollar extra every month like the blackberry?

admin answers:

There's many rumors that foretell it hitting verizon before valentines day and many if not all the analysts are pointing to a high percentage that will happen.

As for January 2011 it may release at end of month who knows. I've heard myself that verizon will get the exclusive white color but who knows the real answer other than than Apple.

Also, it's Verizon and the iPhone is a hot ticket item and will be for years. The data plan will most definitely be MANDATORY. How much it'll cost will the real question but I'm sure it'll be the usual $15/30 a month plans.

I'd say wait it out until Spring hits and see what happens. Otherwise the new Samsung Fascinate sort of resembles an iPhone.

Chris asks…

Can I purchase a Blackberry outside of Verizon and activate it on my own in the middle of my contract?

I have a Blackberry Storm with Verizon, and while its a cool phone, I would like to downgrade to the regular Curve. Unfortunately I just got the storm in March, so I'd have to purchase one from Verizon for retail price (400 bucks) since my contract ends in March of 2011. I want to know if I can purchase a Curve on eBay and activate it myself, without going through Verizon. I just need to transfer the SIM card right? I also would like to sell my Storm if at all possible, so is there something I need to do in order to do that? Does Verizon care that I don't buy the phone through them? aka: Will my phone work?

admin answers:

You can buy the Curve off ebay. Just make sure it is a Verizon curve. Verizon phones do not have sim cards.When you have the Curve in your hands,you would just go to Verizon web site & click the support page. Under phone & devices click "activate phone" then you can activate the Curve. When your Storm is disconnected you can sell your Storm. Verizon does not care if you sell it or switch.

Mandy asks…

How much is the Blackberry Tour w/o an upgrade?

I have Verizon and I am not eligible for an upgrade until 2011. I currently have the crappy Voyager but I miss having a Blackberry. I know if you renew your contract the phone costs $199. But I want to know how much it would cost if I do not renew my contract and just went to the store and bought it. Thanks all!

admin answers:

I'm wanting the Blackberry Tour myself so I just did the research. Verizon shows it at $489 online without contract. Ebay has them listed brand new in box starting at $450 that I saw tonight. I didn't see one any cheaper even used. I'm not into bidding, but you may be able to get one cheaper that way.

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