Saturday, January 14, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Bold 9700 Battery

Ken asks…

Is the battery life of the Blackberry Bold 9700 any good?

I've been considering getting a Blackberry since my old phone is dying out, but I've heard blackberys have bad battery life, is this true?

And on the new ones, how is the trackpad?

Also, quick note: Bold or Curve? Which one is better.

admin answers:

1. The bold is much better, they're still updating its details, so it's going to improve even more.
2. Most likely, the only reason why the battery life sucks is because of the backlight brightness, if you're going to get this phone, be sure to turn the brightness down, having it too high will make your battery life go down even quicker.
3. The trackpad is GREAT, it's better than the trackball, only because the trackball is more likely of getting dirty and stuck.

Overall, this phone is great. I have it and I love it.

Laura asks…

How do you take out the battery of a blackberry bold 9700?

i just got mine today and i can't take out the battery.., not the battery door, but the ACTUAL battery

admin answers:

Put your fingernail at the bottom of the battery and pull up.

Mary asks…

How to extend battery life on my new blackberry bold 9700 ?

Well this is a brand new phone purchased on Oct 3rd . Please help me because I need to learn some tips and tricks. Btw I bbm and text a lot and also use my email and facebook and oh make phonecalls. I have downloaded pandora , tumblr, beejive and munch screen . Please anyone tell me what I can do it would really help .

admin answers:

Don't delete your apps, but clear the cache or whatever it's called.

Sandra asks…

where can i get top keyboard and battery cover for BlackBerry Bold 9700?

durable, attractive, good price.

admin answers:

I saw it on this site:
Maybe can help you.

Maria asks…

About to break my blackberry bold 9700, how the HELL do you open the battery cover?

i have followed directions and it wont open . i am starting to get really pissed.

REMEMBER- the battery isn't in there so there is no pressure to push down on, whci makes it harder to open. HELP
just got it open. finally

admin answers:


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