Thursday, January 12, 2012

Your Questions About Blackberry Bold 9700 Review

Jenny asks…

Blackberry Bold 9700 reviews...?

Do you have any personal experience with the Bold 2.. I am not interested in the web reviews..
What are the disadvantages of this device?
Do you advise another BB model?

admin answers:

Hi.A good friend of mine that I know has the Bold.He loves it.He switched from using a HTC phone. Perosnally I would go for the Bold on Verizon's network.That is the newer bold that was released just last month.

Maria asks…

Review on Blackberry Bold 9000 & Bold 9700 Please?

Hi. Been thinking about getting a blackberry on contract.
Please explain the differences between each.

Also when the phone shop asks if I would like the blackberry features enabled - what actually are they?

admin answers:

Here is a full compare between them:

as you see the 9700 is better

Good luck!

Mary asks…

I Just Got The Blackberry Bold 9700 Any Reviews?

admin answers:

Good choice,have you read your booklets yet, have you put your c/d up on your l/top,don't mess
around with security codes,all you will do is forget em an lock your self out.Got a data plan from
Blackberry Internet Service.BIS,youv should. The site you need is below,bye,D.

Mark asks…

T-mobile Blackberry 9700 (Bold 2)?

ok so i have read a lot of reviews about the blackberry bold 2 9700. i know that it is coming to T-mobile. is gonna be the first 3G Blackberry on T-mobile and i wanted to know when is it gonna be the release date.

also i want to know if i can upgrade my phone on the internet and get this phone when it comes out?

also is it better for internet or do i go and do the line to get it cause i wanna know ASAP

admin answers:

Yea this phone is going to be awesome! As far as the realease date, nobody knows an official date as of right now. Everywhere I've read seems to be November 11th. You can definitly upgrade if you qualify. It just depends how long you've been with t-mobile. I've been with them for 7 years so i have full upgrade. Tmobile says i can upgrade for $200!(LUCKY ME!) It's also better to get the internet plan for Blackberry just like the sidekick plan you will save yourself some $. GOOD LUCK!

Richard asks…

Which is better? Moto Droid or Blackberry Bold 2?

I was thinking about getting a new phone and finalised my shortlist to these 2 - either the Motorola Droid/Milestone
or the Blackberry Bold 9700/Bold 2.
Basically, Which is better for music playing, MSN IM/facebook and viewing videos on web such as gadget show & youtube. Which is better for these things? Why is one better than the other? pros/cons? Also, where/who would be the cheapest in the UK?

admin answers:

Blackberry Bold 9700/Bold2

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