Sunday, January 22, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Bold 9900 T Mobile

Joseph asks…

why are t-mobile phones more expensive than the other carriers?

for example the t-mobile blackberry bold 9900 is prices at 299.99 with a two year contract while sprints blackberry bold 9930 is priced at 199.99 with two year contract, and verizon wireless bold 9930 is priced at 249.99 w/ 2 years. cause i am wanting to get the bold but i have a&tt but they do not have the bold; so im wondering why is there a big difference in price if its the same phone?

admin answers:

They get the contract last

John asks…

Where can I get The BlackBerry® Bold™ 9900 4G?

Where can I get The BlackBerry® Bold9900 4G?
I'm looking to get another phone, I was looking to get the HTC Sensation, But cant get over the weak speakers and muffled voice since I use the speaker a lot at work. so I started looking at the blackberry bold that this girl had, I compared it to my blackberry curve and its like my curve is a stripped down version of the Bold. I have T-mobile but there it cost $600 and cost more on Amazon. does anyone know any place else where I can get the Blackberry Bold 9900 Straight form the factory not refurbished for less then $600?

admin answers:

The only way to get it cheaper is under a contract or used, which is unlikely because the phone hasnt even been out for 2 months.

Sandy asks…

T-Mobile HTC Sensation or Blackberry Bold?

im thinking of getting a new phone. Currently i have the blackberry bold 9700 and im thinking of changing phones to a HTC Sensation. I Also heard that the new blackberry bold 9900 is coming out next month and it is also a touch screen. I don't know if i should wait for the new bold or get the HTC sensation. Which phone do you think is better?

admin answers:

For your sake do not buy a T Mobile phone. I know TM is putting on a great deal of pressure and hype. Here is the reason. They are merging with At&t as of March 2011. When you get into contract by buying a phone then your are stuck going to At&t and paying much more for less. At&t said that they will not allow TM phones on their network so the TM phone will be useless.

Thomas asks…

When will AT&T come out the the Blackberry Bold 9900?

T-Mobile started selling it August 31st, but when is AT&T going to put it on the market. I have been anxiously waiting for this phone to come out since JUNE! I know AT&T came out with the new Torch, but I am not interested in that. Does anyone know roughly when AT&T will start selling the Bold 9900??

admin answers:

They still haven't given a specific date as to when it will be released. I hope it's soon though! People are dying for it!

Daniel asks…

Good contact for a Blackberry Bold 9900?

Hi I want to get a Blackberry Bold 9900 for Christmas on contract. I only want my contact to be for a year, and I want Blackberry Email, Unlimited internet, a reasonable amount of texts and I am not too fussed about minutes. My Mum is only willing to pay about £25 a month, so I need one that is around that price. I looked on the T.Mobile website and I saw that it was about £40, so can you guys please send me links to this phone on a contract that meets the standard that I want (:. I don't mind changing network by the way (:.
Thank you!

admin answers:

Not gonna happen, shorter contract terms push the price up, not down...

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