Friday, January 20, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Bold 9700 Cases

Joseph asks…

Blackberry Bold 9700 Cases?

I'm looking for a case for my Blackberry Bold 9700. I want a hard case that has a hard clear shell built right on to cover the screen of the phone. I don't want one where you have to get a screen protector that sticks on to the screen.

Anyone know any sites?
Best answer if I get one of the cases =)

admin answers:

The site I would recommend Amazon.Amazon pretty much has everything and for cheap.

Paul asks…

Where can I buy a blackberry bold 9700 case?

I live in the UK so places in the UK would be helpful please :)
I brought one from
It was a silicon gel case (in pink) it was perfect - look wise - but when I put it on the keypad stopped working but if someone can recommend a case that they already have and works with their blackberry bold 9700 it would be a great help.

Thank you

admin answers:

Everything4Blackberry is the best place for you need for blackberry
flat rate shipping to ANY country

Sandra asks…

Blackberry Bold 9700 - Case?

I'm looking to get a new blackberry bold 9700 and would like a case :O I’m looking for a silicone one that is a good fit and comes in interesting colours. Thanks

admin answers:

You could try

Thomas asks…

Would a Blackberry Storm 9500 fit a Blackberry Bold 9700 case?

admin answers:


Lizzie asks…

cases for the blackberry bold 9700 !?

im looking for where i can buy a case for my blackberry bold in the UK, i have tried carphone warehouse and they dont have nice ones, there are some designer ones on ebay but they look very very fake, anywhere else i can try ? i dont mind if its hard plastic snap on back and front, or jelly just for the back. preferably pretty :) thanks x

admin answers:

You could try Amazon,they do nice plain leather ones,they have magnets in the flip over,this
cuts down on battery use as well.good luck,bye.D.

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