Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Your Questions About Blackberry Bold 9700 Specs

John asks…

What is the difference between the Blackberry Bold 1 and The Bold 2 (9700)?

Please specify the specs for the Blackberry Bold and The Bold 9700

Are there any new features that they added

Anything about the design

How do you like it and please rate the bold 1 and bold 2 on a scale of 1 to 10

admin answers:

I had the same questions and here are some reviews that helped me decide ( i will go with the bold 2)

Maria asks…

blackberry bold 9000 or blackberry 9700?

So im planning on getting a new phone soon and wondered which one i should get. If anyone has one or knows any specs on these devices please leave a comment and tell me the pros and cons. thnx.

admin answers:

Side by side comparison:

Joseph asks…

Motorola Backflip, BlackBerry Bold 9700, BlackBerry Bold 9000 or LG eXpo?

Which one should I get, the Backflip is an Android OS phone, always decent things from BlackBerry - usually either the 9700, or the 9000, and I know nothing about the eXpo?

Your opinion, specs???
Thx in advance.
Also what about the HTC Tilt2???
I'm more of a touchscreen person, but if I wanted to, I would get a non-touch screen phone, it wouldn't kill me.

admin answers:

Well to start I'm a blackberry guy so that's where I have most knowledge and experience!

Both the 9000 and 9700 are brilliant...the 9700 is the newer model so if you can get either free it would make sense to go for the 9700! I have the 9000...mainly because the tech is near identical but as a slightly older handset it's a bit bigger...wierd to use this as a plus I know but for me, it's worth taking up a touch more pocket space for the advantage of having a bigger screen and keyboard! Have a play instore with the 9700 and see how it feels...if you think it's a bit cramped give the 9000 a's wider so you get more space but it's still pretty thin so it'll slip in any pocket tearing them ay the seams! Hope this helps!!!

Ruth asks…

Which PC Software should I use for BlackBerry Bold 9700?

I am using BlackBerry Bold 9700 mobile phone set recently given by my bro. Now I want to put some apps/ contacts thru PC and other related things via USB cable to my Blackberry but I couldnt figure out which software to download. Appreciate if you could kindly provide me a link rather than website. I tred to download but it says not win 32 application etc. Pls help.

I am using BlackBerry Bold 9700 << Platform 6-6-.50 >> << App Version (1202) and My Computer Spec are Windows XP (Professional) Version 2002 Service pack 2
And also what to do to update version of my Blackberry? should I do or not pls advice.

admin answers:

You want to go here: and download the blackberry desktop software for pc and install it. Once done, you can do what you need to for data transfer.

George asks…

Blackberry Bold 9700 or Blackberry curve 8520 ?

Okay, so my birthday is coming up soon and my mom gave me these two choices.
I like them both, but have no idea which one I should get.

So can anyone tell me which one works better or has better specs ?

Please don't recommend me any othesmart phoneses because I am sure, this is what I want.
Therefore,only leave opinions on what I ASKED. Please and Thank you (:

Your answers and opinions are much appreciated, <3

admin answers:

The 9700 is a far superior device

The 9700 has a faster processor

The 9700 has a better camera (3.2 MP with flash vs 2.0 MP no flash)

The 9700 has 3G and GPS support the 8520 doesn't

The 9700 has a better display (480x360 vs 320x240)

OS 6 will be available for the 9700 it won't be available for the 8520

The 9700 has better battery life

The 9700 looks nicer and is built better

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