Saturday, January 14, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Voicemail Notification

David asks…

Blackberry Curve E-mail and Voicemail Notification?

How do I reset the new e-mail and voicemail notifications on my screen? I've deleted all my e-mails and voicemails from my mailbox, but my screen keeps on showoing one new e-mail and 2 new voicemails.

admin answers:

Open your "messages" icon and press "U" to go to the closest "unread message". Alternatively your can roll your trackball to the very top, click, and then select "mark prior open".

That should do the trick.

Joseph asks…

blackberry voicemail problem?

I had a bunch of voicemails, but I delted them all. And the voicemail notification still says 10. What can I do for this to go away?

admin answers:

Try a battery pull.

If that doesn't work, call your phone from another line and leave a voicemail.

Delete the voicemail and the icon should go away. Don't press the end call key until you see the icon go away.

Charles asks…

How do I change the sounds(ringers/notifications) for voicemail alerts and texts on my Blackberry Curve?

admin answers:

The tone/alert that is used for SMS Text will be the same for voice mails.

To change your notification profiles follow the steps in the link below:

Laura asks…

what is a level 1 message on the blackberry?

wondering what some of the profile options are on the blackberry pearl. Level 1 message? what is that? Can I assume that the voicemail notification is considered a MMS message?

admin answers:

A level 1 message is a high priority message. It's equivalent to setting high priority on an e-mail. This feature allows you to handle high priority messages in a different way, if you wish. For instance, you could play a different notification tone, or play the tone for high priority messages and just vibrate for other messages.

In your Blackberry desktop, there are filters that you can set up, too. For instance, you could filter all messages from your boss and then have them forwarded to your handheld as Level 1 messages. Then, they would make that special sound you choose for Level 1 messages in the handheld's profile.

Donald asks…

How do you change the sound settings for a Blackberry Pearl Flip?

I need to know how to change the notification sounds for text messaging, voicemail, etc on a Blackberry Pearl Flip.

admin answers:

I used to have this phone but don't currently. It should be under the menu and then the profiles. Once in there you should be able to customize that. Heres some other great info I found on blackberrys and free apps.

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  1. I have a question about the Blackberry Curve 9360

    What the Level 1 message on the smart phone? Sometimes my phone will make a message notifying sound then there is no icon showing there is a message. I can only assume it is the Level 1 message because its the only notifier with the specific tone.

    How can I disable this setting?

    Kind Regards