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Questions About Blackberry Wifi Hotspot Tether

Chris asks…

Wifi tether my blackberry 8520?

I want to use Internet on my iPod touch 4g. I also have blackberry 8520. I was wondering if I can creat a hotspot withe blackberry to give Internet through wifi to my iPod.
I could do that with my iPhone 3GS. I am new to blackberry. Need help ASAP

admin answers:

I do know a lot of BB's have the capability to be used as a modem as far as sharing internet with a laptop/PC, but I'm not sure about iPod. I would suggest visiting the forums on Crackberry.com as they should be able to help you with this.

Just keep in mind that all carriers that I know of charge an extra monthly fee for "tethering" (or mobile broadband). Using the feature without paying for it will likely result in violating your TOS.

Sandy asks…

Is it possible to use a BlackBerry as a tether for an Ipod Touch?

I've searched high and low for an answer to this question, and all the answers come up just a little short. I've seen where it is possible to do this between a BlackBerry and a computer, but nothing about an Ipod. I am by no means a tech-savy kinda girl. But I want to use my BlackBerry as a WiFi hotspot (so to speak) for my Ipod Touch? Any help or suggestions would be great! Thanks!

admin answers:

I hate Blackberry.

Which ever dealer sold you this useless item, Blackberry, should be able to explain to you it's limitations for free too.

On the other hand go to some Ipod fan place and they will be able to show you the max you can get out of it.

Laura asks…

Will AT&T charge me for using MyWi 4.0 on the iPhone to create a WiFi hotspot?

Will AT&T charge me for using MyWi 4.0 on the iPhone to create a WiFi hotspot?

I have an iPhone 3GS with the unlimited data plan at $30/month. I use MyWi 4.0 to create a wifi hotspot and allow other devices to tether using my 3G connection. I paid $19.99 for the app in Cydia. Will AT&T charge me extra for using this app to tether? Will they at least make me aware I am being charged more?
One other question... I have the $30/month iPhone data plan, say I switch my sim card to a blackberry or inspire 4g or any other smartphone, will my data plan work or will I have to pay for a new one?

admin answers:


Its like Easytether for Android phones... What the apps do is bypass the carrier lock which forces you to buy the $20/mo tething hotspot plan feature for your account... Instead, it bypasses it and opens up the ability for you to tether without that $20/mo ATT charge on your bill... You pay once, $19.99... Thats it... Enjoy

since you still have the OLD $30 unlimited data plan, you get to keep that $30 unlimited data plan (grandfather status) until you cancel your service or downgrade to a feature phone or feature messaging phone (non-smartphones). Just call ATT and tell them your sim swapping to another smartphone so they can change the features codes (same prices of $30, just different APN coding).

Ruth asks…

A question about the Blackberry Curve and tethering?

Hi, I'm about to change phones and I was just wondering what data plan I should get for my new Blackberry Curve. I'll be using it mostly for e-mailing, internet browsing, etc. My carrier is T-Mobile, and they just have so many different data plans that I am confused on which plan I should get = / . I plan on using my Blackberry as a modem for my laptop (lol this is where tethering comes in) so I'm guessing I'll need an unlimited data plan?

Links and Places I've Looked At :




admin answers:

Unless you're planning at staring at your laptop screen for 30 minutes for a webpage to load, I would definitely suggest you NOT to tethering using T-Mobile.

You might want to start looking at the options that AT&T gives which provide 3G/UMTS which is way faster (and probably cheaper).

Also, AT&T provides usb 3G/UMTS cards for your laptop.


And this is the data connect plan for your laptop usb card:


Robert asks…

Portable WiFi Hot Spots?

I have returned to being a truck driver. My current communications solution is via a family package with my son/daughter-in-law through Sprint with a one-time charge tether program between the blackberry and the laptop.

I recently got a Sylvania Netbook (which uses Win CE 6). It will handily replace all the non-phone services I actually use off my blackberry and give me a larger screen and keyboard to boot. It can connect to the internet using WiFi or a LAN.
Portable WiFi Hot Spots appear to come in two form factors.

1) A Wifi router that you can plug a cellular data card/modem into via either a USB port, a PCMIA slot, a PC Express slot or an RJ47 jack (I haven't actually seen the last choice but I read about the rest).
2) An “all-in-one” box that includes the cellular data card/modem as well as the router/WiFi portion. Since it isn't 2 pieces it can be more compact and less likely to be damaged.
After you choose between the "all in one" form factor and “please add a modem” form factor the next issues are data network coverage and price. The lowest cost network maybe Cricket but Cricket only offers coverage in urban locations. Verizon is too expensive and AT&T apparently is over loaded by the popular iPhone. Sprint covers urban locations and pretty much along most interstates. T-mobile offers some what better hinterland coverage (apparently) but has surprising gaps along the interstates. T-mobile offers a $40/month data plan that should have plenty of "head room" within the 5Gigabyte "limit" and Sprint offers a $60 / month plan that seems to be specifically for a mobile hotspot like its Overdrive product.

What do you recommend? Modem/Router/Network provider?

admin answers:

Verizon actually has new lower rates... $50 for 5GB and the most coverage for 3G. The FiveSpot (free at the link below) would be a good choice for Verizon since the 4G devices don't work with Win CE.

For Sprint, go with the Overdrive. It's 4G and 3G and will work with your device. It's $10 more per month than the Verizon plan above, but is faster in 4G areas.

That said as a Truck driver, you are probably in 3G way more than 4G, so it may make sense to save $10 a month and get great coverage everywhere.

PS - I don't see much advantage to a router + USB at this point. (Once the Verizon 4G devices are 100% compatible with the routers, then it makes much more sense).

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