Thursday, January 26, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Os Update

Susan asks…

can you update a blackberry os without a computer?

i have a blackberry 8530 and I'm going to update the os to and i was wondering if there is anyway to do this with out plugging my phone into a computer and just doing it straight from the phone. is this possible? thank you


admin answers:

To be perfectly honest with you,I have only been aware of being able to load up o.s.programs
via the desk top manager,and your usb cable,if there is any other way,I hav'ent heard of it

Laura asks…

Can you update Blackberry OS with an OEM unlocked phone without causing any problems?

admin answers:

You can update the OS without the phone becoming "locked" again, if that is what you mean by causing problems.

David asks…

Blackberry OS update?

So, i have a blackberry 8520 with an OS of 4.6.
I have the blackberry desktop manager so i plugged in my blackberry and tried to update my OS.
After i pressed the check for updates and finished it and everything, when i checked my phone it still said that my OS was still 4.6.

admin answers:

OS v4.6 is the most recent OS for the 8520

Sandy asks…

Does SMS still work after Blackberry OS update without BES?

Would like to know as it says about email... I don't use that... but SMS I am worried about.. because I am unsure what exactly BES has to do with SMS.
Thanks x

admin answers:

It should as SMS texting is handled via your wireless carrier's network.

Jenny asks…

Blackberry OS Update?

I have a Blackberry Pearl 8100 and I was wondering what the newest blackberry OS version was. I'm running on v4.2.1.96, can anyone tell me how to update my phone? Where to get the new version? Any differences in the ner version compared to my version...Thanks!

admin answers:

The newest, official operating system for the Pearl 8100 is It can be downloaded from here:

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