Friday, December 30, 2011

Questions About Blackberry Themes

Thomas asks…

Blackberry Themes?

I have been looking for free blackberry themes and haven't found any. i used to be able to find literally millions of free themes for my nokia but i can't find any for my blackberry curve 8320. all the themes i have found are either for sale or i have to sign up for something. has anyone found a site where i can just download free blackberry themes?

admin answers:

There are free themes on i think you have to sign up for a free account though.

John asks…

blackberry themes?

where can i get free themes? also, if i didn't want a theme for my phone, how would i get rid of it? is there a "no theme" option or whatever?

admin answers:


You must have a theme enabled. If you want to delete an unwanted theme, go to Options > Themes and click on the theme and delete it.

Jenny asks…

How do I get downloaded Blackberry themes from my PC to my blackberry?

I have a couple blackberry themes on my computer and I was wondering how to get them onto my blackberry. Do I need to download anything? Please go through it step by step if you can.

Thanks for the answers!

God is love!

admin answers:

You have to use a programe that comes withblackberry (well it came with mine) its called blackberry desktop maniger....and thats how you put every thing on a black berry its faster and easy than all the other ways i found how to do it

Susan asks…

What website can i get blackberry themes from for Verizon?

I have a blackberry pearl with a verizon carrier, and i've been looking for a website to easily download or send themes directly to my blackberry! Can anyone help me?

admin answers:

Check this out

Mark asks…

Where can i sell blackberry themes online without having to pay a fee to register with a website?

I need to know of a website that will let me sell blackberry themes and will not charge me for registration.

admin answers:


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