Monday, December 26, 2011

Questions About Blackberry World Edition Battery

Mary asks…

My blackberry World edition keeps saying the battery is too low to make a call, or to go on the browser?

its been charging for hours. but its in a USB computer connector, into a USB to outlet converter to charge it (since i lost the charger) and its been charging fr at least 3 hours now and it keeps saying its too low to make a call, or to go on teh browser. what do i do

admin answers:

I think you should get a new charger so you can charge your phone properly.

Richard asks…

world edition blackberry charging problems?

i got my world edition from a freind. he just gave me the phone,nothing else, with no battery. after getting the battery, i discovered it wouldnt charge, because the part where the charger plugs into the phone was broken. the charger was not the problem it was the actual phone. my question is, is there a way you can charge the battery without having the battery in the phone? if not how can i fix this problem, and how much will it cost me? by the way the phone works fine, it just won't charge.

admin answers:

Below is a link to a battery charger accessory sold on

Nancy asks…

my blackberry has been doing things by its self.. is it a problem with the battery or the actual phone?

I have the blackberry 8830 world edition....

It has been acting really strange lately. It has been going on mute by its self when I am talking on the phone, it will send emails to random people.

Is this an issue with the battery or the actual phone?
If its a problem with the battery could I just purchase another battery and it will be better again?

admin answers:

I have had this problem
take it into your store and they sort it out.
Its a software problem.
Nothing to do with the battery i promise.

Jenny asks…

BlackBerry Curve or World Edition?

I'm concerned with:
Battery life (I know the slightly different technologies between the two but BB has a general reputation for erratic battery life, regardless.)
Ease of typing (though I have small hands)
Locking up
Appearance (the Curve is sinfully ugly and the WE looks a little too flashy)
Durability (I heard the Curve is slightly tougher)

Not concerned with:
Call quality (I use Verizon and the phones themselves have never been bad for their principle function)
Functions (they are essentially the same, minus the camera)
Spacing of the buttons
International capabilities (GSM is not always required to use one's phone overseas)

I already have the Curve but I am well within the time frame to return it and get the WE. I can't decide what I want to do. I'm very familiar with both phones and have used both quite a bit. But I'm also familiar with BB's reputation for being either phenomenal or a total hunk of junk. I think I just want the public's opinion.

admin answers:

I own a blackberry curve, and i LOVE IT, alot more than my brother's 8800. Generally speaking, they're both the same phone, except for a few touches.

As you said, the world edition is a bit flashier, but no camera.

Although the curve has the camera, it is a bit slower on web browsing.

It call comes down to what you use it for. If your using it more for business purposes, the world edition is the way to go. It has bigger keys, and faster internet/email.

If your using it for everyday uses, the CURVE is the way to go. It's lighter, offers a camera and is a bit easier to use.

Joseph asks…

Blackberry problems! please help!?

My blackberry World Edition is not charging right, at least I don't think it is, I plugged it in last night and it only went up to 2 bars of life, so I have a question when theres a plug sign by the black berry's battery supply does that mean its charging? please someone respond!

admin answers:

Yes...that is what it means...a easier way to quickly charge your Blackberry is to connect the USB cord to your phone and your charges super fast this way as opposed to forever with the wall charger especially if you have depleted the battery.

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