Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Your Questions About Blackberry Bold 9700 Unlocked

Mark asks…

Will an unlocked blackberry bold 9700 work on solo mobile?

i have an unlocked blackberry bold 9700 originally from rogers, will it work on solo mobile in Canada?

admin answers:

BlackBerry Bold 9700 Phone (AT&T)
Powerful and refined, the BlackBerry Bold 9700 smartphone for AT&T includes built-in support for both AT&T's fast 3G network, as well as access to the nation's largest Wi-Fi network with more than 20,000 U.S. Hotspots--including approximately 7,000 Starbucks locations.

Sandy asks…

check unlock code in unlocked blackberry bold 9700?

I unlocked my blackberry bold 9700 in a store for $40.
I want to change my OS and am scared that it's gonna be locked again.
Is there a way to check my unlock code in my phone?

admin answers:

Check N1wireless out, they do it for you:

they also have a big selection of blackberrys...check if yours is there and maybe it has some info:

You can always Google: "Unlock Blackberry 9700 Bold"

Lisa asks…

How much is Blackberry Bold 9700 unlocked?

im going to the states in a month and im thinking of buying one for myself..can anyone help me to where I can buy on in Seattle or just the price would be so helpful thanks
im thinking of getting a Bold 9000 could someone give me details on that too :)

admin answers:

Goto they do wholesale and sell Blackberry Bold 9700 at a good price.

Charles asks…

Can a BlackBerry Bold 9700 be unlocked?

I have a new BlackBerry Bold 9700 that I dont use, it is on the AT&T network. My boyfriend started a new business and requires a BlackBerry, but he is on Verizon's network.
Is it possible to unlock it so that it will work on the Verizon network?

admin answers:

You can get the unlock code for ur mobile through online..........i will suggest the website which is doing good service can approach this website.
AT&T uses GSM technology and SIM cards (the type of cell tower it connects to), and Verizon uses CDMA technology (no SIM, different type of tower).

Nancy asks…

I have an unlocked Blackberry Bold 9700 and BBM isn't working but internet is?

I got a t-mobile blackberry but I unlocked it for ATT and my internet works perfectly fine but my BBM won't. I send requests and it says pending but my friends say they never get it. I did this several times and nothing.

admin answers:

By internet do you mean wi-fi or the mobile network?

BBM won't work with wi-fi unless you have data included in your wireless plan.

BBM requirements:

A data service plan from your wireless service provider
A BlackBerry smartphone with 64MB of memory
2.4MB of available smartphone memory
BlackBerry Device Software v4.5 or later

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