Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Questions About Blackberry Curve 9300 Review

Sharon asks…

What is the difference between the Blackberry Curve 3G 9300 & the Blackberry Curve 8520?

Is there much difference between these and what one is better? I'm thinking about buying the Blackberry Curve 3G 9300.

Any reviews will be much appreciated.

admin answers:

The 9300 has 3G and GPS support the 8520 doesn't

The 9300 supports wi-fi b/g/n the 8520 only supports wi-fi b/g

That's about the only differences

Donald asks…

what is better the BlackBerry® Curve 3G 9300 or BlackBerry® Curve 8520 ?

okay i was looking to get the BlackBerry® Curve 8520 but they have ran out of the contract i wanted, now theres an upgrade.. BlackBerry® Curve 3G 9300 what one is better? review on the BlackBerry® Curve 3G 9300. any technical faulties. isit worth getting? better then the 8520? MAJOR HELP. ?


admin answers:

I have the Curve 8530, which I absolutely love! Only has one single downfall and that's that the camera has no flash, which really isn't that big of a deal. My father and BF had the Curve 8520, which they both hated and traded in after a few months of use. I can't give any specifics as to why, but they both said it was crap and ended up getting the same one as myself. I do know it had part to do with the roller ball, which I've heard a lot of bad things about. Neither have had anything bad to say about their new ones.

Hope this helps and good luck!

Carol asks…

dose the blackberry curve 9300 3G have apps?

im thinking of getting blackberry but some of the reviews seem bad....dose the blackberry curve 9300 3G have apps like iphone and android?

admin answers:

I have the 9300 3g, good reliable phone, had it over 7months and not a single problem, also updated it on pc to os6 in 20mins. And yeah it has apps world, lots of apps, ok it hasnt caught up with the amount android market has but still lots of free stuff.

Mary asks…

Blackberry curve 9300?

I'm getting the blackberry curve 9300 and i was wondering if any-one had a review of it? thank you (:

admin answers:

Well i have that phone, had it 6months without problems, upgraded it to os6 on pc without any probs, its quick to txt with, has nice camera, good music player, battery life is good, i installed an anti virus from free, incase you would like to do that when you have your phone. Also installed a battery booster from apps world so battery life around a day and a half now. I have an 8GB memory card in mine loaded with pics/vids/music, phone handles that easy. And its brilliant phone to chat on real good call quality. All round good phone.

Donna asks…

Blackberry Curve 9300 common problems?

Recently I made the mistake of buying a touch screen phone (not an Iphone). It's difficult to text with so now I want to make the switch to Blackberry. I was thinking of getting the Curve 9300 but i wanted to know if there are common problems or if it just not a good phone in general. I have looked up reviews and they seem good but they were also good for my last phone which kinda sucked.

admin answers:

I have a friend who just got a the blackberry curve 9300 and she is loving it. Its fast and also 3G, although it isn't on the latest blackberry OS (operating system).

She says that a common problem with the phone is that when u drop it it stops working fast, but u can fix that by taking the battery out and turning it bkk on again.
And its a good phone becos its got BBM, qwerty keyboard, the call quality is good and the internet is quite fast because the phone is 3G! The camera can be clear at times but mostly it's blurry in the evenings.

Also, plss see me blog 4 more recommendations, especially on the blackberrys:

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