Saturday, December 31, 2011

Your Questions About Blackberry Bold 9790

Robert asks…

Should I buy a Blackberry Bold 9790 or an HTC Sensation ?

I do not have much friends on BBM , but my family is on BBM ! Please tell me what should I do ? I have been thinking about this about a month but still don't know what to do?!
And one more thing is that I already have a google nexus one!!!

admin answers:

HTC Sensation
Rs. 29600
Android v2.3 (Gingerbread) OS
4.3-inch Touchscreen
8 MP Primary Camera
0.3 MP Secondary Camera
1.2 GHz Dual Core Processor
Full HD Recording
Expandable Storage Capacity of 32 GB

Best choice having good features, good overall performance and is value for money product. GO with it.

Sharon asks…

Blackberry Bold 9790's aka Bellagio/Onyx 3 signal type?

i want to ask something about this blackberry signal, what signal does blackberry Bold 9790 have, 3G or 4G..? thank you very much before

admin answers:

As far as i knew the phone support the both 3G as well 4G networks


BB 9700

Mandy asks…

Blackberry Bold 9790?

I know that the new Blackberry Bold 9790 has been announced but i don't know the date that it is coming out on. Anyone know?
And i live in ontario, canada

admin answers:

Possibly December for North Amerlca.

George asks…

BlackBerry Bold 9790 vs 9900?

I'm looking to get a new Blackberry. This will be my first one, but I can't decide between the 9790 and the 9900. Plus it's 100$ in difference... I'm looking for a phone that let's me text/call easily and can take nice(-ish) pictures?

How is one better than the other? Thanks! :)

admin answers:

The Bold 9790 has a better camera than the 9900. Even though they both have 5 mp cameras, the 9790 has autofocus, so the pictures are a lot better.

Both the 9790 and the 9900 have touch screens. The 9790 is smaller, of course, suitable for people who prefer more compact phones.

The best thing about the 9900 is the keyboard. It's great and feels really good for typing, the touchscreen is very responsive and the resolution is very bight and detailed.
The bad things: battery life is a nightmare! It drains quickly and you need to charge it a lot.

I had a 9780 and both battery life and the camera were great, so I really miss that.

And hey, a lot of people are also complaining that their 9900 died when they left it charging overnight, It hasn't happened to me YET, but anyway, if you decide to go for the 9900 save the receipt and the box in case you need to use the warranty for a replacement.
Check out the forums on the Bold 9900 so you can read what other people are saying about it.

In my opinion, I think the 9790 would make a more reliable phone.

Hope this helps!

Charles asks…

Blackberry Bold 9780, 9790, or 9900?

Hello, I'm an LG User and I need a new phone. All of my friends have blackberries, I'm 13, female. BBM is popular for us teens now a days. I love instant messaging, I'm not a heavy browser, but it would be nice to have some browser, I love to use my facebook, and a decent camera is fine. As long as it has good quality, with flash. My carrier, Telus, is giving me the 9780 in white for $0, and the 9900 for about $169, and the 9790 for $129. I would like other things for Christmas. If my parents get me me a blackberry. It would be great if I could get the $0 so I could get other things for Christmas. I'm focusing on the 9780 and the 9900. Which one suits me the best. Which one looks better, which one is better overall. Remember the prices, PLEASE! I need alot of help on this one.

admin answers:

The 9780 is older technology. Go for Bold 9900 (the best Bold model) or the 9890. The 9900 has a little faster processor.

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