Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Questions About Blackberry Bold 9780

Mandy asks…

What phone would you recommend: iphone 4 or blackberry bold 9780?

I like the blackberry bold 9780 as a lot of my friends have bb's and use bbm. I also like the menu and the QWERTY keyboard. This phone is also good for browsing the internet, however it has a smallish size screen.

Another option is the iphone 4. This phone has a massive screen, however it is touch. The app store on the iphone is amazing also.
My main priority is internet browsing and texting.

admin answers:

IPhone 4 definately
It has the best display on any phone so far ..
Internet browsing is amazing with this phone
and also texting is really fast

Sandy asks…

How much would it cost to unlock a Blackberry Bold 9780?

My contract is on vodafone, but I want a blackberry bold 9780 instead of my curve that i got with my contract so i was going to get a bold on ebay, however I was just wondering how much it would cost to have it unlocked as getting a phone on a specific network is sort of a pain.

admin answers:

You can get the unlock code through online..........give your IMEI number and get the unlock code for ur mobile…. I will suggest the website http://www.Unlock-Zone.com which is doing good service .....you can approach this website.
This site is nearly perfect and they were recommended highly in the cell phone forums. I used them to unlock my cell phone. Contacted them and within 30 mins i had my unlock code and my phone was unlocked.
Hope this helps.

Nancy asks…

what is better blackberry bold 9780 or sony erricson xperia arc?

i need a phone which can decently browse internet but i text quite frequently , I also need a phone with games and amusments as i dont have an i pod . I like blackberry bold 9780 but wondering whether i should get an arc . PLEASE HELP !

admin answers:

You can go for the SE Xperia Arc S! It is even better than the original Arc with a 1.4Ghz single core processor.

Anyway, the OS says everything. Go for the Droid.

Chris asks…

How do i use a Blackberry Bold 9780 as a modem for ipad?

Just bought a Blackberry 9780 and would like to know if i can use it as a modem for my ipad and if
so, how do i do it?

admin answers:

Look up


and see if they cover your model

Robert asks…

Is there a internet speed test app for the Blackberry Bold 9780?

Is there a internet speed test app for the Blackberry Bold 9780 so I can test the speeds of my mobile data and/or wifi?
Also where can I download it from please?


admin answers:

Try http://www.scanmyspeed.com/ to check internet speed on ur browser

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