Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Questions About Blackberry Verizon 9930

Lisa asks…

How to unlock verizon Blackberry bold 9930 mms and browser to tmobile, AT&T ?

I have a verizon bold 9930 and want to unlock to switch to tmobile or at&t but I want to make sure the browser and mms also work..may also use it on other gsm networks overseas as I travel alot.

admin answers:

To get the full factory unlock code, you can goto http://www.ProMobileMotion.com & within minutes you will have the full unlock code, which means not only will you be unlocking the phone but your Browser, MMS, & FaceBook, ect will all function properly. :)

BEWARE of people offering free or ridiculousley cheap unlock codes, half those sites are scams, I wasted $ and time and messed up my phone before I found a legitimate website.

Jenny asks…

Can the blackberry bold 9930 for verizon open pdf files?

So i got the new blackberry bold 9930 for verizon and i got an email and tried opening a pdf - but it said it couldn't open an attachment

On my old blackberry, I was able to..

So does the new one not have that capability? Why?

And is the only way for me to open up pdfs by downloading a pdf reader app?


admin answers:

Yes, you do need an app for it. Try adobe reader. If that doesnt work then just search for a pdf reader

William asks…

Unlocking verizon BlackBerry Bold 9930 mms and browser for Tmobile, At&t?

Getting the BlackBerry Bold 9930 form verizon and I will be using it for either Tmobile or ATT, I know the phone can be unlocked, but I want to make sure also my mms picture messaging and browser work, where can I get the unlock code?

admin answers:

You can get all you need from http://www.ProMobileMotion.com , this will include your unlock code to get voice & text to work on At&t or Tmobile you will get the code with the mms picture messaging & internet browser.

I pretty much did a search a few months back & found this info on Tmobile website as well as here on yahoo answers. Good Luck, i was very happy with their service by the way & will always recommend them on here!

Sharon asks…

Can I buy the Blackberry Bold 9930 from Verizon Wireless without a contract?

My friend is going to the US this week and its still a while until the phone gets released in my country so I wanted to ask whether or not I can buy it from Verizon without a contract since I'm not familiar with these things. Thank you in advance.

admin answers:

Absolutely, you can buy it from Verizon store without contract paying the full retail. But, it's CDMA version which means it won't take any SIM and it's not a world phone. So it might not work in your country. What you need is the GSM version which is unlocked and will take SIM. If you need Blackberry Bold 9930 factory-unlocked GSM version cheaper, you can mail me to manchurianp@yahoo.com

Maria asks…

Verizon contract blackberry 9930 phone help?

i found a new blackberry 9930 phone on ebay that is selling for $180. it says it needs a contract, it says "Add lines or New lines" but i am just replacing my old phone. If i still buy it and put in the barcode to replace my phone on the verizon website, will this phone work?


admin answers:

When you purchase used phones on EBay they do not required a contract when activating on your account.

Please keep in mind that you can check the device ESN (Electronic serial number) online to confirm if it can be activated on your account before you purchase it.

Visit http://www.verizonwireless.com/b2c/estore/certifieddevice/cd to confirm if you can activate the BlackBerry 9930 you saw on EBay on your Verizon Wireless account.

Feel free to contact us if you need further assistance.


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