Monday, December 26, 2011

Questions About Blackberry Or Iphone 2011

Sandy asks…

iPhone or Blackberry?

I just bought my iPhone this March 2011. And my phone is on a plan subscription. They said that this plan subscription will be for 2 years before I can change my number or whatsoever. I'm thinking of switching to Blackberry. So what do you think, iPhone or Blackberry?

admin answers:

How about android

Blackberry is much more a pda and e-mail and messenger than a phone so if you are addicted on chatting blackberry will supply your needs

I-phone is a closed source so you can't share anything over any phone except another i-phone but I think you already know that

in the other hand there is android a firmware produced by Google, its open source its the fastest growing firmware and its almost beat the i-phone "without any offense "

anyway its your choice , anyway I have an android and planing to buy a blackberry there is no harm to buy the both

Charles asks…

Which phone should i get (iPhone or Blackberry)?

i have a iPod touch 4g but my mom said i can get a new phone for Christmas.
i have tmobile and i am eleven and a boy i also got my ipod touch may of 2011. So is the iphone worth it one of these phone will also be my first smartphone . my choices are
1. iPhone 3Gs (Unlocked)
2.Blackberry Curve 9360
which phone would you suggest i get and why

admin answers:

I Definitely think the iPhone. Almost everyone I know that had a blackberry switched to the iPhone. Just sell your iTouch on eBay or to a friend. IPhone 3Gs's are very cheap at the moment, but if you want faster service then get the iPhone 4. Overall the touchscreen typing is very smooth and it's just a great phone. Highly recommended.


Joseph asks…

Should I get a Blackberry Bold or the iPhone 4s on sprint?

I can get a new phone November 1, 2011
btw i have the data plan

admin answers:

That's a no brainer...Get the iPhone 4S.

George asks…

Wait for the iphone or get the Droid X?

With Verizon coming out with the iPhone in early 2011, is it worth the wait for another 3-4 months to get the iPhone, or would it be better to get the Motorolla Droid X, which also seems like a great phone.

I'm a long time Verizon customer, and have been using the Blackberry Storm for a couple of years now. It is time to upgrade my phone, and was just wondering what someone else's experience was.

admin answers:

I also have the storm and am contemplating the droid x versus waiting on the iphone 4. I'm actually leaning more towards the droid. Larger screen, better camera, tons of widgets, and a fast processor. SO many people will be lining up to buy a brand new iphone4 from verizon (which will end up being out of stock) and I know the price for one of those will be through the roof. At least I know the Droid's price and the fact that it has been out for quite some time with everyone I know loving the phone.
So if you want your phone to have:
Sharp screen, great multimedia features, and a great source for content - go with the iphone4

Big screen, great search tools, and reliable - go with the droid x

For me...I'm going with the Droid.

Best of luck in your decision!!

Jenny asks…

iphone or blackberry?

so its rumored that the iphone is coming to verizon in january or early 2011. my verizon 2 year contract is up now, should i wait until january and get the iphone? or should i get the blackberry curve now. If i chose the curve, id probably end up getting the ipod touch in a couple months because my nano is starting to break down. whats your opinion?

admin answers:

Iphone 4 wait it as a ipod on it already

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